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The world’s first mobile plastic and fabric waste recycling plant.

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Every day more than 100 millions plastics bottles are thrown away

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The TRASHPRESSO compacts the recycling process into five simple steps: shredding, washing, air drying, dehumidifying, and baking. In addition, an air and water filter minimizes the environmental impact of the operations.

Our Journey

Our Mission

  • Recycling Rubbish

    At Miniwiz we exist to show the world the unlimited potential of trash by taking recycled material to the highest form of product engineering

  • Circular Economy

    We are obsessed with making the circular economy a reality in everyday consumption. We live to support the mass adoption of a circular system whereby all the materials we use are reused, again and again and again with zero waste.

  • Inspire people

    With Trashpresso we aim to inspire people by showing them live the process of recycling but also by reaching isolated places and teaching them how to recycle.

  • Ingenious Recycling

    The great enabler for this goal is our ability to demonstrate the financially feasibility of environmentally serving technologies which compete and often outcompete, more traditional and far less sustainable technologies. We are not just about being green, we’re about being efficient.