Miniwiz was founded in March 2005 by architect and structural engineers Arthur Huang and Jarvis Liu. They based their company purpose on a mission to address the great disparity between sustainability, recycling and eco-consciousness and the bleak market reality around its lack of financially feasible applications. In 2007, Miniwiz developed the its breakthrough project, the HYmini – a groundbreaking portable wind, solar and hand-crank power generator made from recycled electronic waste plastic and post-consumer recycled paper. This device, a zero carbon footprint charging product, was the first in hundreds of Miniwiz projects to follow, which truly encapsulated all Miniwiz stands for –performance efficiency at zero carbon cost.In the years to follow we have expanded our customer solutions offering across a number of disciplines, all based on these founding principles.

By 2015, the World Economic Forum had recognized Miniwiz as a Technology Pioneer in the category “Energy / Environment / Infrastructure”, highlighting the positive impact that the company’s activity has had upon the world’s environment and economic development. Today, Miniwiz focuses on turning post-consumer waste into high-performance materials enabling the movement into a true circular economy, thus frequently receiving extensive media attention and many awards for innovation in the recycling and building-material sector.

“Pushing yourself to the limit is the only way to improve and innovate” Miniwiz refines our craft, break our limits again. In 2017, we unveiled TRASHPRESSO, the world’s first mobile plastic and fabric waste recycling plant, aims to bring industrial-grade recycling to isolated communities around the world on a mobile, automated, and self-powered platform.

We are actively looking for NGO and government partners to activate TRASHPRESSO across the world. Please contact [email protected] for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you !